Holy Week Bible Reading- #LentExp2017

Reading through the Passion of Jesus during Holy Week

There are four Gospels.  Each Gospel is about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  Each Gospel writer puts together their account in a way that emphasizes certain things about Jesus.  So while each Gospel is noticeably different in how it reads, all four Gospels share an emphasis on the final week of Jesus’ life, the crucifixion, and resurrection.

Therefore, I could have chosen from any of the four Gospels for our Holy Week reading challenge.  Below is a reading schedule from the Gospel of Luke.  If you’d like to read from the others Gospels, I’ve also noted where the final week of Jesus’ life picks up in each of the other three Gospels.


Monday- Luke 19:28-48

Tuesday- Luke 20

Wednesday- Luke 21

Thursday- Luke 22

Friday- Luke 23

Saturday- Luke 24

Note:  The Passion of Jesus (His final week) can also be read starting in these places:  Matthew 21, Mark 11, and John 12.


Eric Ferris is the Executive Teaching Pastor at Vineyard Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. Eric grew up Roman Catholic, attended a Pentecostal bible college, and has been on staff at churches with both charismatic and reformed theological leanings (and probably likes you more if you have no idea what that means). Eric created the Lent Experience to "help those of us who grew up observing Lent ritualistically to discover the meaning and heart behind Lent and for those who grew up in evangelical churches or no church at all to discover how valuable it is to get in touch with some of these practices that Christians have observed for hundreds of years."

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