How Traditional is The Lent Experience?

…will this Lent Experience be the same as, let’s say, those who observed Lent 1,000 years ago?

Some people have asked how traditional my approach was going to be to this project. In other words, will this Lent Experience be the same as, let’s say, those who observed Lent 1,000 years ago?

My answer is yes and no. For the purists who don’t like anything to be “messed with” this Lent Experience may not scratch their itch. I have several friends who are well educated in church history and spiritual formation. The truth is that I didn’t create this with them in mind. My goal was much broader. The Lent Experience is designed to help people, both familiar and unfamiliar with liturgical calendar practices, to observe Lent and rediscover the significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I wanted to help those of us who grew up observing Lent ritualistically to discover the meaning and heart behind Lent and for those who grew up in evangelical churches or no church at all to discover how valuable it is to get in touch with some of these practices that Christians have observed for hundreds of years.

The Lent Experience is an attempt to embrace the heart and purpose of Lent traditions. I wanted to take the main elements of Lent and encourage people to experience them in their real lives in our current world. So…yes. The main elements of The Lent Experience have been practiced for hundreds of years. And…no. It’s not exactly the same because I don’t think we are the same and neither is our world.

I’m not sure I’d argue that what this project has become is the “best” way to observe Lent. I am a simple guy. If you encounter the Jesus that has changed my life both now and for eternity then I will call that a win.

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-Eric Ferris, TLE Creator