What’s New for 2017?

microphone-1209816_640The Lent Experience is an every other year initiative. New videos and content is created and posted on even years.  That means that for 2017, an odd year, that the website is here for you to use as is.  Dates have been updated for 2017 so that you can use the videos and corresponding blog posts.  You simply visit the site on Ash Wednesday and then again each Sunday of Lent.  You watch the video, check out the corresponding blog, and engage in the challenge.  Check out the 2017 Welcome Video.

What won’t happen in 2017?  The normal texts, emails, social media posts, daily readings, and the mid-week check-in forums won’t happen.

We are happy to provide this resource free of charge with no ads.  Feel free to use the site as an individual, a group, or for your church.  If you’d like to copy, print, distribute content in your own e-mails, re-post videos, or anything else, we’re cool with that too.  It’s here for you to use.  Take it and use it.  The only thing we ask is that if you re-post or use TLE content outside of thelentexperience.com that you let folks know where you got it.  The difference, in our minds, between using it for free and stealing it is as simple as including this simple little phrase:  Used by permission from www.thelentexperience.com.  All rights reserved. 


The resources are all half-off right now, so now is the time to stock up.  The journals are great to use as you watch the videos and engage in the challenges.  The bookmarks are a great promotional tool!  There’s also free graphics you can download on the resources page to use for both print and digital use.

Oh..and one last thing…no need to sign up for 2017.  However, if you’d like to receive e-mails from us in the future about future editions of The Lent Experience or other resources we may be creating, go ahead and sign-up. We’ll keep you in the loop.

Eric Ferris is the Executive Teaching Pastor at Vineyard Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. Eric grew up Roman Catholic, attended a Pentecostal bible college, and has been on staff at churches with both charismatic and reformed theological leanings (and probably likes you more if you have no idea what that means). Eric created the Lent Experience to "help those of us who grew up observing Lent ritualistically to discover the meaning and heart behind Lent and for those who grew up in evangelical churches or no church at all to discover how valuable it is to get in touch with some of these practices that Christians have observed for hundreds of years."

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